Some women undergo abortion without even seeing the life in their stomach. The pro -lifers scan by ultrasound can create some pities in the mother and save the life in her. When the mother sees the life in her like a bean shape can help her save the life without aborting it. Many women undergo for a abortion when they come to know they are pregnant without knowing the preciousness of the child. When a woman sees the fetus in her hormonal emotions are raised and have some heart felt feelings.

The reason for preserving a little fetus could be done by letting the woman see her child before undergoing the abortion. The ultrasound scanning could help to reduce the number of abortions happening in US. Nowadays ultrasound is helping to provide a state a battle over an unwanted abortion. Around 20 states have started to encourage the use of ultrasound more than sonograms to prevent abortion. The need of ultrasound and leave the negative effects there are some positive effects of ultrasound too.

There are three states which are asked to provide the ultrasound scan before any abortion. The three states are Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi provide ultrasound scan to the women who is going to have an abortion. Some countries like Oklahoma provides detail description of the fetus with the ultrasound scam of the fetus. In the first trimester when most of the abortions are performed the features of the fetus is undetectable. But when the women see the ultrasound scan they can find out some images of the fetus which bring assurance and avoid the abortion say experts.