For the past 58 years every July 23 Egypt celebrates an event called as July Revolution when the monarchy was ended. The July revolution was celebrated the as the King Farouk ended his monarchy and the revolution was staged by a group of some officers. And hence the series of revolutions started in the Arab world as a succession of military men continued to lead Egypt. The military men in their civilian clothes started the rob for their generations.

And thus we can understand the cherish of millions of Arabs on the day of January 14 2011, where a miracle happened. On January 14 2011 Zine al–Abidine Ben had fled to Tunisia when his 23 year rule toppled which is a revolution. The first time Arab took the guts and have toppled one of their dictators and still in the celebrating moods. Though no winning was done but so many Tunisians have taken up the risks where many faced down a despot.

At present the Tunisia equations in their minds are quite correct but still there is no idea about the future leaders. The future of the coalition government which may cause the failure of the revolution even . Many region’s dictators are offering prayers over the chaos and want the collapse for Tunisia says a survey conducted. There has been some ignorance from some Arab countries and no statements from Algeria and Morocco. Each and every Arab leader watches Tunisia in fear and has the hope as no leader has toppled the dictator and fed up the leader.