Many religions have different traditions which most of the followers are not familiar with.Islam is going very high tech, the month of Ramzan has just started and people are following their prayers and fasting. Many applications have been emerged like the i Pray or iQuaran which helps Muslims to follow their prayer times. Some programs even help Muslim who know where the mosque presence in a unfamiliar place.
Several Islamic applications are present in the Apple i Phone and i Pad which helps them to follow their religion.The dietary rules,the Costco offering food and the correct pronunciations of Arabic daily prayers are available. Many mosques in US don’t broadcast their daily prayers as it happens in a Muslim countries hence such applications are useful.
The applications are not only for a particular religion,the applications are available for different religions also. Be it a holy bible or a proverb from the Catholic book or a sacred place of Hinduism for everything there as a application. There are about 2,25,000 applications for Apple smart phones only for different religions says a spokesman. Nokia even has such applications and details about the daily daylight fasting and its procedures.