To mark the funeral of the North Korea leader Kim Jong2 the united nations has flag was being half mast. The flag was at half mast at the world headquarters office in Geneva to mark the funeral. The incident of UN-lowered its flag has created a stir among the human right activists and followers of Kim. One of the spokesman at UN stated the lowering of the flag was a matter of protocol and custom. To mark the death of a leader the half mast flag was flown and is done for any of UN leader stated the spokesman,

North Korea is a complete member of UN and Un mission had requested to mark the funeral of Kim Jong. There was a lot of honor shown to KimJong by UN while there are objections given from some of the human activists. According to the advocacy given by the UN watch there is a serious risk of being blurred due to the honor. After the death of Kim Jong the next leader is Kim Jong Unn the second sonof Kim Jong2.

The funeral was conducted after Kim Jong leader of north Korea who passed away on December 17. The group executive Hillel Neuwe stated that the time for UN to show out its solidarity along with the victims of north Korea. So many of North Koreans were brutalized ,tortured and suffered oppression due to the merciless policies of Kim Jong.