The world expo 2010 was being held at Shanghai, where many countries participated. Different countries showcased their garner business, investment, handicrafts and many. But India, developing country had many things if decided to showcases but did not do it. India had hired many stalls but mainly empty and some stalls peddles samosa ,naan, rotius lassi .India had a basketful of peddling brassware and bric-brac.a dull emporia of different states of the country.

One would get mood off if you see the Indian emporium for some purchase, really disappointed. The booth incredible India had no one on the stall shows the responsibility of the country said the report. The CII booth had no one on and the stall was locked itself, the goods of the emporium feel were as 20 years ago it was made. As a competitor of China, India could have shown a good show better than this say some visitors. India is a country were many talented craftsmen, ambitious; professionals are present but did not use it.

India spent a large amount but the show was a tacky one which does not impress anyone. The best hero of the show was south Arabia which had spent 675 crore to showcase the beauty of its country. South Arabia arranged a 4 D experience for the visitors of the world expo showing the tech savvy pavilion. India spent 41 crore over the world expo but the show was not a substantial show .Some yoga demonstrations were conducted by India, which were very dull said some visitors.