The housing problem in Melbourne has created the space constraint to many foreign students. The price of the housing is costly and lack of facilities in Melbourne. The international students share a single room with nine persons due to housing problem. The rent for a shared bed is $100 for a week in Melbourne informed the Victorian tenant Union.

There is even a instance where 10 students share 5 beds among each other. Some students work in shifts so the students take their turns for sleeping on the bed. Any official complaint about the issue is not made by the foreign students. Poor quality of housing is the draw back of Australia according to a interview conducted among foreign students. The interviews were taken from 35 countries students at 11 different universities.

Many students who come to Melbourne are students from a poor background and work for 20 hours for week. Even though many the Victoria University support the housing facilities through private companies. The housing has not yet become affordable to many students coming from outside. With more Asians gunning for higher studies in Australia, the problem can only get worse in the near future.