A dramatic escape was made by a airliner which spitted into two before landing in the city Yichun. On Tuesday fifty four passengers which included one senior Chinese minister traveled in the aircraft. The Henan airlines was flying from Harbin and had 96 people which crashed over the runway. Many escaped before the aircraft was about to be caught on fire and exploded.
The plane crash killed 42 pelope and left injuring many passengers who were rushed to treatment. The bodies of the 42 people was recovered on Wednesday along with a black box. The black box had a flight recorder from the debris of a Brazilian made Embraer E-190 jet. The black box read as (CAAC) which meant Civil aviatation authority of China.
The crash of the airplane was due to the thick fog and poor night landing facilities.China needs to improve the infrastructure of the airports said one of the news agency. While landing the plane had many jerks said one of the survivors of the plane crash. There is a good travel safety record in China say officials for 69 months before the accident.